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Nowadays everything is online now. Anyone who uses MSSQL knows that it will connect to the database using SSMS.

But for Macos, there is no alternative and free SSMS (Sql Server Management Studio) instead of MSSMS.

You can do great things with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and Navicat, but if you do not have MSSMS or Navicat on a computer, how do you connect to the database?

Connect to a db” is working here. You can access your database from any device at any time in any place, and it is also a software that supports MSSMS and Navicat interface “connect to a db“.

Connect to a db” supports MySQL and MsSQL. You can connect to both MySQL and MySQL on both sides. Moreover, you can record your connection information with 256bit encryption by entering member.

With “Connect to a dB”, you can share your data with someone else. “Connect to a db” supports Azure. In the beta phase, it will become fully used in the future.

Go to this link to use Online SQL Server Management Studio.

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